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Moving across the country? Downsizing into a smaller home? Moving an elderly family member into a retirement home? Liquidating an estate after probate? The hours, not to mention the energy needed to liquidate an estate can be overwhelming. And the emotional toll can be a detriment to the task at hand. You need a PROFESSIONAL to handle this for you. You only get ONE shot to have a successful estate sale, make sure you're choosing the right company for the job. Go with the team that will get the MOST for your items, and bring the LARGEST crowds. Our loyal fans follow us because they know that our sales will always be well organized, priced accurately, and above all PROFESSIONAL.

Allow us to do the leg work necessary to fully research and appraise the value of your items. Your items will be inspected and expertly appraised by a graduate of the Asheford Institute of Antiques. Current auction records will be scoured and local selling prices researched. This process will leave no stone unturned, in getting an accurate value on your treasures. As a result, the true value of the item can be communicated to the buyer, enticing them to purchase with confidence. The resale market has taken quite a hit in recent years. You need a seasoned sales professional selling on your behalf, if you are to expect any solid results.

Utilize our decades long background in advertising, sales and marketing to boost your return on items sold. Positioning your item to a buyer is a skill. With our advertising and marketing background, our estate sales draw larger crowds, meaning more profit for you. We know how and where to market your items as well as market the sale itself. We will reach many potential buyers through a variety of media. Our success relies on the success of your sale. Be assured that we are very motivated to get you top exposure!

You don’t want to handle all of these details yourself. It’s hard to part with and put a price on items that carry an emotional attachment. Make this sales endeavor easy for you. Assure that it will be handled in the most appropriate, respectful manner. And most of all, make the event monetarily worth it.

Appraisal Services
For purposes of estate planning or insurance coverage, we can accurately evaluate your estate in it's entirety and submit to you a detailed report outlining the current market value of your most prized possessions.

Our Service Promise to You:

Exceptional advertising will lead many buyers to your location. Our marketing savvy will be put to work to organize and display your items perfectly. Here’s the shortlist of what we’ll do:

  • Pick the best time to hold your estate sale
  • Research each item and get any info needed to help sell it
  • Work with you to select an agreed upon starting price for each item
  • Professionally advertise your items
  • Exclusive marketing to our extensive private mail list
  • Items will be clearly marked with agreed upon prices
  • Home will be professionally staged for optimal sale opportunity
  • Handle all negoiations with potential buyers
  • Sales staff will be on hand to provide security and facilitate the sale with the buyers
  • A fair commission will be paid for our services 

The final payment procedure will be outlined to you on your contract. Items that are not sold or kept by you can then be donated in a prearranged fashion.
If requested, proceeds can be applied to a clean up of the premises after the sale, leaving you with a clean home ready for sale or occupancy.

About Us:

We are located just East of San Francisco on the California Delta.
We service homes all across Northern California!

J and C Estate Sales has been named the Number One Most Viewed Estate Sale Company in California many times. We have been voted Best Estate Sale Company in the East Bay for many years. Additionally, J and C Estate Sales has a graduate of the esteemed Asheford Institute of Antiques appraising your belongings.

It is important when researching companies that you do your due diligence in vetting them. It is equally important to pay a fair commission for the services that an estate liquidator offers. Please shop around before deciding which one to go with.

We invite you to meet with us for a FREE consultation. Once you do, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

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