Overview of J and C Estate Sales Services:
Allow us to do the leg work necessary to fully research and appraise the value of your items with accredited appraisers, expert or guide book evaluations. This process will leave no stone unturned, in getting an accurate value on your treasures. As a result, the true value of the item can be communicated to the buyer enticing them to purchase with confidence.
We will meet with you to determine the optimal approach to selling your items while meeting your unique needs and situation.
Utilize our decades long background in advertising, sales and marketing to boost your return on items sold.  Positioning your item to a buyer is a skill. With our advertising and marketing background, our estate sales draw larger crowds, meaning more profit for you. We know how and where to market your items as well as market the sale itself. We will reach many potential buyers through a variety of print and online media. Our success relies on the success of your sale. Be assured that we are very motivated to get you top exposure!
You don’t want to handle all of these details yourself.  It’s hard to part with and  put a price on items that carry an emotional attachment. There is a better way to sell then letting people barge into your home and rummage. Make this sales endeavor easy for you.  Assure that it will be handled in the most appropriate, respectful manner. And most of all, make the event monetarily worth it.
For Appraisals:

For purposes of estate planning or insurance coverage, we can accurately evaluate your estate in it's entirety and submit to you a detailed report outlining the current market value of your most prized possessions.